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Welcome to Of Mars! 

Here you will find a collection of crocheted creations and patterns made by me, Hannah Martin. 

Most of my work is completely one of a kind making each piece unique to the owner. All creations in my shop are my own original designs hand stitched by me for you. From my heart to your hands <3 
This is a one woman show! I do everything from creating the pieces, photographing, designing, customer service, packing, shipping, social media, running the online shop, and vending. I do not outsource anything in my creation process -- everything is made by me. 

I list new creations periodically -- usually at least once every 2 weeks. I usually will post on my instagram or Facebook page when I release new items. Follow me on social media for updates 


Freeform crochet is crocheting without the use of patterns to create a one of a kind, unique item that cannot be replicated. Freeform involves crocheting in an organic, free flowing style -- something beyond rows and rounds. My particular style of freeform involves creating several motifs - both large and small sizes - and piecing them together like a fiber art puzzle. Freeform crochet allows you to express your creativity and originality in a way beyond traditional crocheting. One of my favorite aspects of freeform is it's ability to create movement within a piece -- almost like painting with yarn 


I first taught myself how to crochet in winter of 2007. I wasn't very good, but after crocheting off and on for several years I finally got the hang of it in 2011. 
I opened this shop in fall of 2012 as a means to fund my growing yarn addiction and as a way to find homes for some of the new creations I was making. I started out making a lot of simple hoods, crop tops, hats, and headbands... then I found my true niche: freeform 
I started my freeform crochet journey in 2013. I was actually so disappointed with my first freeform crochet piece I didn't try it again for another 4 months! After a few more attempts I was completely hooked! I love being able to watch how each item grows and develops as pieces are added to it. Making all of this is truly my passion and I feel fortunate to be able to make it and share it with you all. 

In addition to crocheting I also sew, dye, spin yarn, write patterns, and teach private crochet lessons. 
I am currently based in Pisgah Forest, right outside of Asheville, NC. 

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