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*** This listing is for the crochet pattern to make the item ***

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This pattern has been a long time coming. I've been writing down bits and pieces to include in it for months and here it is! I'm really excited about this one.. I wish I had had it when I had first started freeforming!

This pattern is a tell-all of all of the spirals I make. While some of this pattern gives exact written instructions on making spirals, the majority of it is meant to act as instructions and guidelines on how to make your own unique spirals.

It is 20 pages long and is *full* of photos, helpful information, and examples of pieces made using this tutorial.

Exact stitch-by-stitch instructions are given to make:

  • one-color spirals
  • nautiluses
  • two-color spirals
  • three-color nautiluses.

The rest of the tutorial involves looser instructions and guidelines for creating the pieces.

Sections are included on:

  • Beginning spirals
  • Ending spirals
  • One & two-color spirals 
  • Nautiluses & multi-colored nautiluses
  • Large / many colored spirals
  • Surface embroidery and embellishments (several different types included)
  • Bullion & puff spirals
  • Bubbly spirals
  • Trailing spirals

Language: English

Each of the spirals pictured above can be made using this tutorial. These spirals can be combined together to form freeform crochet clothing and accessories, be appliqued on another finished garment, or work as finished objects themselves -- use your imagination!

The pattern will be available for instant download upon purchasing. Items made using this pattern can be sold, just credit Of Mars as the designer.