Wine Freeform Crochet Shawl

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This shawl was created using deep purples, reds, blacks, and grays with dollops of fluffy white curly bits throughout. This was my first time working with such a dark color palette and I loved it! The tones in this piece are so rich - the juxtaposition of the dark with bits of light make everything pop! 

It features a variety of spirals and textured stitches to create something lovely everywhere you look. Each of my shawls is one of a kind, so each shawl is unique to you! 

Hand stitched using a variety of yarns including lots of hand-dyed merino wool, baby llama, homespun herbal dyed alpaca, other wools, and silk blends 

For reference I am 5'5 and the shawl hits just below my knees