Welcome to Of Mars!






My name is Hannah and I make everything here!

I first started Of Mars in 2012 as a means to fund my growing yarn addiction. I was in college at the time and was running my biz out of my dorm room! I never dreamed that this little hobby would grow into such a huge passion and my profession. 

Of Mars is currently located just outside of Greenville, SC. I work from home and am a full time fiber artist. In addition to crocheting I also sew, dye, spin yarn, cross stitch, and weave. I love dabbling in just about anything fiber artsy. Thanks for checking my stuff out! 

what is freeform?

Freeform crochet is crocheting without the use of patterns to create a one of a kind, unique item that cannot be replicated. Freeform involves crocheting in an organic, free flowing style -- something beyond rows and rounds of traditional crochet. My particular style of freeform involves creating several motifs - both large and small sizes - and piecing them together. One of my favorite aspects of freeform is it's ability to create movement within a piece -- almost like painting with yarn.