Welcome to Of Mars!

Here you will find a collection of one of a kind creations handmade by me,  Hannah Martin! 

I have always had a crafty & creative side, but it wasn't till I started dabbling in the slow fashion movement in 2008 where things really clicked for me. I never dreamed that my little hobby would become what my entire life started to revolve around. I absolutely love what I do and am grateful for all the support. I couldn't be me without you!

Of Mars is located in Hendersonville, NC - just outside of Asheville. I work out of my 1920's home with my dog Cooper & my cat Miss Puff.

the history

I first taught myself how to crochet in winter of 2007. I bought the cheapest yarn and hook I could find and dove right in! I wasn't very good, but after crocheting off and on for several years I finally got the hang of it in 2011.

Of Mars started in fall of 2012 as a means to fund my growing yarn addiction. I was in college at the time and running my little biz out of my dorm room! I started out creating simple pieces before finding my true niche: freeform.

I started my freeform journey in January 2013. I was actually so disappointed with my first piece I didn't try it again for another 4 months! After a few more attempts I was completely hooked. I've always considered freeform to be like a fiber art puzzle - you can make the pieces and just see what clicks. It can be tedious and fiddly, but I love it all the same.

In addition to crocheting I also sew, dye, spin yarn, cross stitch, and weave. I'm a bit of a workaholic and am dedicate to bringing you one of a kind bespoke wearables.

what is freeform?

Freeform crochet is crocheting without the use of patterns to create a one of a kind, unique item that cannot be replicated. Freeform involves crocheting in an organic, free flowing style -- something beyond rows and rounds of traditional crochet. My particular style of freeform involves creating several motifs - both large and small sizes - and piecing them together. One of my favorite aspects of freeform is it's ability to create movement within a piece -- almost like painting with yarn.