Openwork Triskelion Spiral Pattern

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The Openwork Triskelion Spiral is a large triskelion shape that includes 3 3-color spirals. You can make all of the middle colors the same or all of the middle colors different (as shown)

It looks beautiful incorporated into your own freeform crochet pieces or utilized as a patch on another item. It is great for practicing using multiple stitches and yarns together to create your own freeform shapes later on. It is also a good tutorial on combining motifs to create larger motifs

Difficulty: advanced

Language: English

The pattern is for the pictured spiral ONLY. The finished freeform crochet piece is meant to show how you can incorporate this piece into larger work

The pattern will be available for instant download upon purchasing. Items made using this pattern can be sold, just credit Of Mars as the designer.